Top Orlando Water Park Resorts

Treasure Cove
Shipwreck Island

The Best Orlando Hotels With Water Parks

Orlando, FL is obviously known for its theme parks, amazing beaches nearby, and as a great place to spend time with family and friends. And, with plenty to consider when planning a family trip, you can easily become overwhelmed as you look for resorts and hotels in Orlando with water parks. To help out on your quest, we've put together this quick list of our renowned Orlando water park resorts so you can spend more time looking forward to your trip and less time searching through countless blog posts and review sites!

Why You’ll Love These Orlando Family Resorts With Water Park

Westgate Resorts is a family-friendly vacation destination that offers numerous resorts in Orlando, Florida with plenty of amenities. Though, Shipwreck Island Water Park and Treasure Cove Water Park take the cake as some of the best onsite attractions. At both Shipwreck Island and Treasure Cove, visitors will find thrilling water slides like drop slides, tube rides and speed slides, as well as relaxing lazy rivers for winding down after a day of adventure.

Kids can explore the interactive Splash Pad at Shipwreck Island to create their own mini-water adventure by spraying one another with jets of water from cannons, buckets and geysers. While Treasure Cove has its own obstacle course style Aqua Blaster designed to test your ability to navigate through unpredictable twists and turns while getting sprayed by gushing geysers along the way!

When it comes time to eat at either park, you won’t be disappointed! Both Shipwreck Island Water Park and Treasure Cove Water Parks feature delicious restaurants with a variety of amenities that your family will love as part of your Florida vacation package.

Orlando Hotels With Lazy Rivers

Lazy rivers are enjoyable for all ages but are particularly popular with children and adults alike who just want to relax. Oftentimes, there are attractions like bubblers and sprayers along the river which add to everyone’s enjoyment.

Awesome Water Slides

Water slides are a must-have for any hotel water park, and guests of all ages enjoy splashing down the thrilling rides. From tube slides to open-flume slides, water parks have a wide selection of water slide options that provide fun and entertainment for everyone. The best resorts and Orlando hotels with water slides are now within your arms reach!

Be sure to check about specific height or weight restrictions that a water park has before purchasing tickets. Be sure to also check that the water slides at the water park of your choosing are appropriate for your family.

Food On Site

Westgate Shipwreck Island Water Park and Westgate Treasure Cove Water Park offer the tastiest food options to keep visitors fueled throughout the day.

At Westgate Shipwreck Island Water Park, guests will be pleased to find a variety of theme park favorites like burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, tacos, nachos, wings, and chicken tenders at Jolly Rogers Galley. The park also has several healthier options, such as salads and fruit cups. If you are craving something sweet, Shipwreck Island Water Park offers a variety of snacks and desserts, including ice cream, cotton candy, and funnel cakes!

Besides the traditional theme park food, Westgate Shipwreck Island Water Park goes above and beyond by providing exciting specialty food items that match the island-style theme. Visitors will see various food stands serving tropical drinks and island-inspired dishes, such as jerk chicken and pineapple coleslaw.

Next, Westgate Treasure Cove Water Park offers visitors a delicious variety of food options at Rikki Tiki Tavern and Buccaneer Galley Snack Bar to satisfy your appetite. The park has yummy burgers, nachos, hot dogs, wraps, and chicken tenders. Additionally, there are tasty salads and fruit cups if you want something healthier. The soft-serve ice cream and Hawaiian shaved ice are perfect if you're looking for a yummy snack to cool you down. Want more? Some sweet snacks that will fulfill your sweet tooth craving are funnel cakes and cotton candy. As for the adults, you can enjoy signature drinks at the full-service Tiki Bar at Rikki Tiki Tavern.

All in all, whether you're looking for classic theme park fare, healthier options, alcoholic beverages, or exotic island-inspired dishes, these parks have delicious options for everyone to enjoy.


Rentals at hotel water parks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering plenty of options for parents to choose from. From inflatable tubes and rafts to body boards and pool noodles, there is something for everyone at the resort. Before renting any equipment at a water park, it’s important for parents to check with the lifeguards on duty as they may have special rules and regulations that guests need to follow. Parents should also check that the water park has the equipment they need, and reserve equipment before they visit the water park.

It’s also a good idea to ask about any restrictions when it comes to using the rented equipment. Some resorts may restrict certain areas or activities due to safety reasons. It’s best to know what these restrictions are before renting anything so that everyone can enjoy their day without worry or hassle.

The Ultimate Water Park Vacation Awaits!

Families looking to have a blast at Westgate Resort's Shipwreck Island Water Park or Treasure Cover Water Park truthfully will not be disappointed. These two Orlando resorts with a lazy river offer water parks are packed with thrilling rides, interactive games and activities, and plenty of food options for all ages. For those brave enough, the Shipwreck Island Water Park features a sky-high speed slide as well as a wild 270-foot tube adventure that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping! For more relaxed fun there is a lazy river perfect for floating around in on hot summer days. There are also plenty of water play areas designed specifically for younger guests, so everyone can join in on the fun.

At Treasure Cove Water Park, there is something for everyone too! From daring slides to an enormous wave pool and thrilling four-story water playground, visitors are sure to find plenty of ways to cool off. Little ones can enjoy the splash pad while older kids can race down dual slides and enjoy the adventure!

In addition to all these amazing attractions, both parks offer delicious snacks and beverages at their snack bars as well as private cabanas available for rent if you want somewhere to relax or have some extra privacy away from the crowds. To conclude, you're looking at the best resorts and hotels with water parks in Florida, and we're here to offer you low cost vacation packages to lock in the fun, and savings!

We look forward to seeing you soon here at Westgate Resorts in Orlando!