What to wear to Disney World

Wondering what to wear to Disney World? Before you start to pack for your trip, here are some helpful hints on what to wear and what to bring to Central Florida.

Orlando is considered a sub-tropical climate but clothing essentials are still very dependent upon the time of year that you will be traveling. But one thing is constant to the Central Florida weather – bright sunshine!

Florida is, indeed, called the Sunshine State and the sun can be both warm as well as potentially harmful in terms of UV rays any time of year. So it is vitally important that you pack a good sunscreen, as well as a hat and your sunglasses.

Temperatures in Orlando from December through early March can also vary dramatically with highs in the 80s all the way down to nighttime lows in the 40s or even the 30s. While not frequent, an occasional freeze warning can also be experienced in Central Florida. You could have a temperature difference of 30 degrees or more between day and night. For example, a cool 45 degree night could be following by a 78 degree day. When deciding what to wear to Disney World, it’s best to bring a variety of clothes during the winter months and be prepared to layer your clothing. Daytime temperatures can warm up quickly once that hot sun rises.


During the spring, summer and fall in Orlando you should pack light – as in plenty of light clothing such as shorts, t-shirts and swim suits. Daytime temps regularly reach the upper 80s and into the mid-90s, accompanied by plenty of that hot Florida sunshine. Because of those high temperatures, and often an equally high humidity factor, the dress code around the Orlando area remains fairly casual almost everywhere you go.

If you plan to visit Disney World or any of the world famous Orlando theme parks, be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes as it’s easy to rack up several miles of walking on a busy day in the parks. In the end, you (and your feet) will be glad you didn’t wear flip flops or flimsy sandals.

When determining what to wear to Disney World, you might also consider bringing a small umbrella or a light rain poncho. Summer in Florida is considered the rainy season. You’re not likely to see an all-day drizzle, but the high humidity and sea breezes from the two coasts can create short but strong thunderstorms during the late afternoon. Just throw on a poncho to keep dry during those brief rains.

When packing for Disney, keep in mind that kids might want to wear a swim suit under their clothes. You never know when you might encounter an opportunity to cool off in a refreshing fountain. For example, a hot day of walking around in the sunshine at Downtown Disney could result in wanting to jump into the playful water fountains that spurt water in random patterns near one of the entrances.

Disney World is also one of the few places in the world where it’s perfectly normal for adults and kids alike to wear strange hats with giant Mickey Mouse ears or long, floppy Goofy ears. It’s all part of the fun at Disney.