20 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

Jessica DeLucia Las Vegas

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  • Indoor Experiences
  • Explore the Outdoors
  • Fantastic Shows
  • Crazy Options

So you're thinking about visiting the desert paradise that is Las Vegas, aren't you? From luxurious resorts and hotels and fine dining to famous landmarks and historical locations, it's easy to understand why. Las Vegas is an iconic destination offering up experiences that make it a no-brainer to leave the hometown comforts for a bit. Unique is the definition of Las Vegas, and unique you will receive.

The fact of the matter is there is no right way of explaining the iconic Las Vegas without experiencing it for yourself. The lights, the grandeur, and the richness of this populous city is the reason why many couples gravitate towards a vacation here. A brief Vegas vacation may be all you'll need to get the most out of your stay, and with that comes some decision-making on what to do. Your time should be well spent to enjoy the magnificence that Las Vegas offers!

Create insanely awesome and unique memories featuring the best activities the you're sure to love in Las Vegas, NV.

Enjoy this list of 20 Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples:

Choose from an array of classic indoor experiences, outdoor adventures and fantastic shows, alongside a few crazy things to do. When you visit Las Vegas, a part of you will never want to leave. Below are notable reasons why it's necessary exploring the world's capital for entertainment.

Indoor Experiences

Whether it be a rainy or scorching hot day, Las Vegas offers a great deal of indoor experiences that cater to various interests and preferences. Here are some of the most popular options to choose from.

Little White Wedding Chapel | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

#1. Little White Wedding Chapel

Shake things up and personalize your own ceremony, may it be a traditional romantic wedding, vow renewal, or an Elvis or Pink Cadillac wedding package on the grounds of the world famous Little White Wedding Chapel.


  • Romantic, Ceremony

    Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #2. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

    Take a trip back in time to 1912 and learn about the famous luxury steamship through a tour featuring the items that were found on board at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.


  • Exhibit, Immersive

    Eiffel Tower Restaurant | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #3. Eiffel Tower Restaurant

    Experience flavorsome French cuisine, a romantic ambiance, and dramatic views of the Bellagio Fountains as you're transported to the pinnacle of the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.


  • Food, Dramatic Views

    Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino |Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #4. Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

    Indulge in a delicious meal at Edge Steakhouse, Benihana, or Fresco Italiano, join the excitement that is sports entertainment at the best Race & Sports Book in Las Vegas, and seal the deal with a show featuring legendary performers, all at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.


  • Resort, Conveniently Located

    Gondola Ride at the Venetian | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #5. Gondola Ride at the Venetian

    It's as if you were in Venice. Take a romantic float down the Grand Canal and choose between their indoor or outdoor experience with a Gondola ride at The Venetian.


  • Romantic, Must Do

    Serenity Spa by Westgate | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #6. Serenity Spa by Westgate

    Take a break and unwind the mind with spa and skincare treatments, manicures, rejuvenating facials, innovative therapies or couple’s massages at Serenity Spa by Westgate.


  • Spa, Relaxing

    Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #7. Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

    As the seasons change, so do the displays! Don't be surprised as you're blown away by inspiring sights, sounds, scents and the beautiful colors of Mother Nature as you explore the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.


  • Garden, Scenic

    Fremont Street Experience | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #8. Fremont Street Experience

    Home to some of the first Las Vegas casinos, Fremont Street Experience offers free live music, a giant LCD display featuring Viva Vision Light Shows, and an opportunity to fly above on The SlotZilla Zipline to enjoy the best views of the street.


  • Entertainment, Must Do

    Sphere Las Vegas | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #9. Sphere Las Vegas

    Take part in an interactive experience and be amazed by 22nd century technology like chatting with robots and holographic art installations in the Atrium, plus enjoy a multi-sensory film in the Immersive Film area at Sphere Las Vegas. Shows are also available and should be checked for ahead of time!


  • New, Immersive

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    Explore the Outdoors

    Beyond the city's bright lights is where you'll discover the natural beauties of life. With conservation and recreation areas to manmade experiences that'll offer you a new perspective to your surroundings, expect an outdoor adventure that's right for you and your partner. Also, don't forget to hydrate!

    Red Rock Canyon | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #10. Red Rock Canyon

    Let nature sweep you away as you hike, bike, or drive your way around red sandstone peaks and other breathtaking geological features at the scenic Red Rock Canyon.


  • Nature, Scenic

    Emerald Cave | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #11. Emerald Cave

    Located along the Colorado River in the Black Canyon, kayak through spectacular green waters and become amazed by the pure natural wonders of Emerald Cave.


  • Popular Attraction, Unique

    The Las Vegas Strip | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #12. The Las Vegas Strip

    Bask in the lights of hundreds of hotels, resorts, and establishments hosting casinos, dining, designer shopping, and the best shows and concerts in Las Vegas. Walk or drive to the southern end of the The Las Vegas Strip to take a few photos of the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign, standing strong since 1959.


  • Adventure, Must Do

    High Roller Observation Wheel | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #13. High Roller Observation Wheel

    Bask in 360 degrees of perfect Las Vegas Valley views 550 feet in the air! Take 30 minutes out of your day and choose from 28 cabins, some including the Happy Half Hour open bar, at High Roller Observation Wheel.


  • Scenic, Experience

    Hoover Dam Bypass | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #14. Hoover Dam

    Marvel at the architecture and size of one of the largest dams in the world! Make your way to the border of Nevada and Arizona and soon you'll end up at the Hoover Dam. Also, try pouring water over the dam and see what happens (hint: you'll defy gravity)!


  • Thrilling, Scenic

    Fantastic Shows

    With all the glitz and glamour, it's pretty obvious Las Vegas is renowned for its world-class entertainment, which includes spectacular shows featuring music, dance, acrobatics, comedy, and plenty more. Here are some fantastic shows in Las Vegas that are sure to dazzle you and your significant other.

    Cirque du Soleil | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #15. Cirque du Soleil

    An incredible high intensity show filled with mesmerizing music, vivid lighting, astounding theatrics and dance, vibrant costumes, and audience interaction is exactly what you'll find when securing a seat at Cirque du Soleil.


  • Iconic, Must Do

    Bellagio Fountain Light Show | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #16. Bellagio Fountain Light Show

    Stop at this free attraction to view hundreds of fountains sway in front of the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. The experience expands more than 1,000 feet with water and is brought to life by music and light during the Bellagio Fountain Light Show.


  • Brilliant, Classic

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    Crazy Options

    If you're looking for more wild and unconventional attractions in Las Vegas, or, just something out of the ordinary, we're here to bring you just that. Some of the most crazy and yet unique experiences are waiting to amp up your adrenaline.

    SkyJump at Stratosphere Tower | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #17. SkyJump at The STRAT Hotel

    Holding the Guinness World Record for the highest commercial decelerator descent facility, it's at SkyJump where you'll soar through the sky and face your greatest fears for the thrill of a lifetime.


  • Heart-Pounding, Intense

    Maverick Helicopters | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #18. Maverick Helicopters

    Capture the beauty of Las Vegas in a new way by exploring high in the sky! Choose from other numerous helicopter tours from a private landing at Red Rock Canyon to a NASCAR VIP experience on race day with Maverick Helicopters.


  • Panoramic Views, Unique

    Hot Air Balloon Ride | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #19. Hot Air Balloon Ride

    Take flight over the Mojave Desert while sipping on French Champagne at the #1 top rated hot air balloon ride that is Vegas Balloon Rides. Complimentary transportation is provided from Las Vegas to your flying location!


  • Breathtaking, Must Do

    Dig This | Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

    #20. Dig This

    If it's always been on your list to operate a bulldozer, excavator, or skid steer track loader out of sheer fun, you can now make this idea into a reality at Dig This Las Vegas.


  • Entertaining, Unique

    The Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples Continues!

    You and your plus one now have a lot to think about, and that may also include looking for the best Las Vegas accommodations. If it does, make your way over to the extravagant Westgate Resorts in Las Vegas! Delight in the affordability and class of our Vegas getaway, making it that much easier to save on a stay and spend more time doing the things you want to do! Now, get out there and have some fun!

    Looking for more outdoor options? Check out the popular 50 Las Vegas outdoor adventures as part of the best things to do in Las Vegas for couples. Traveling to Las Vegas? Know before you go by not making these common travel mistakes.

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