7 Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Vacation

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Travel blues? Never heard of them. But travel mistakes? Yeah, they can happen (in fact more frequent than you think), and we’re here to reassure you that many can be avoided if you face them head on! Planning a trip is always exciting, thrilling, even. But don't stop once you finish your shopping. It's always worth considering a few of the common travel mistakes so you don’t end up falling victim to vacation disappointment...

7 Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid

1. Booking last minute

We get this can be a tough one due to lack of flexibility. Booking last minute can have its advantages (it can be exciting if you’re a spur-of-the-moment sort), but the disadvantages can heavily weigh in as you will most likely spend more of your money with fewer options to choose from. Airfare can get pricey, accommodations may be unavailable, and at the end of the day you could miss the opportunity to book a great, discounted travel deal. Ditch the disappointment and if you can, book ahead to score on the greater choices of hotel, rental car, flight, and all it is that you need to enjoy your time off.

2. Not having a plan

Now as much as we enjoy going with the flow, it also makes vacation life much easier when you have somewhat of an idea on things. Whether it be researching a few restaurants to try out or what attractions seem most interesting to you and the family, try sitting down with who it is you plan on traveling with and create a general list of potential activities. Purchase tickets in advance if you'd like (it may even save you $$$), but try not to go overboard, because then you run into the issue of...

3. Having too much of a plan

And that can just create unnecessary stress. The best part of a vacation is relaxation, so roll with the punches! When we start building on a hefty itinerary for a getaway and things don’t go as planned (weather, traffic, sold out), we tend to overthink it and feel unaccomplished or may even find ourselves overspending. It's okay to plan for a few adventures, and let the rest unfold!

4. Not bringing snacks

This is a big no. Hunger pains are zero fun, especially when you’re on the go. This can easily be prevented by carrying a few healthy snacks that’ll keep you energized, have you at bay until your next meal, and will definitely save you some money (do you notice this being a reoccurring theme?). If you happen to be staying at one of our resorts, we also have shops that supply your food needs!

5. Overpacking

Decision fatigue: yes it’s a real thing! As tempting as it is to bring an outfit for all possible occasions, don’t burden yourself by having to sort through an endless pile of packed clothes to figure out what to wear while you’re on vacation. Instead, keep it simple. Pack your staple clothing essentials and find items that can be easily mixed and matched. It takes more pressure off you than you think, and you can use that extra energy to enjoy your morning peacefully (coffee included).

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6. Never leaving tourist areas

This is one of the most underrated common travel mistakes. The touristy spots of all destinations are worth checking out; they’re tourist attractions for a reason, right? But let’s rewind for a second. No matter where you travel to, there are always hidden gems waiting for you to explore them. And since the internet is always within arms reach, you can plan ahead by researching life outside of tourism attractions through your preferred search engine, a Facebook Group, or even social media platforms like TikTok! It’s then you’ll become the informed visitor, not the uninformed tourist. Also, don’t be afraid to ask locals for recommendations while you’re in town. If Florida is on your bucket list, get started by checking out our 10 things to do in Central Florida that have nothing to do with the theme parks.

7. Not allowing yourself to HAVE FUN!

Preparation is great and perfection is never the goal, so when in doubt, HAVE F-U-N! Vacations are meant for spontaneity, a time to unwind and enjoy the ride. Avoid getting wrapped up in all the things you want to do, and most importantly just be present, because before you know it vacation will (sadly) come to an end, so make the most of it while you’re still in it!

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Now that you’re now well-equipped with the right knowledge to avoid any travel woes that may come your way, get out there, and get to putting together your next dream adventure! You got this!