Westgate Resorts Swan Cam

Our Swan Cam is LIVE!

Greg Nelson Orlando

Baby swans are coming to Westgate Vacation Villas Resort.

Cygnets, or baby swans, are expected to hatch at Vacation Villas Resort by the end of this month! The mother swan, Anna, is 2 years old and her mate, Kristoff, is 5 years old. They make their home in and around the beautiful lakes surrounding the resort.

You can watch all the action around the nest over the next couple weeks by tuning in to our Westgate Swan Cam! The tentative date for hatching is April 26.

The Westgate swans enjoy swan pellet food, forage in the shallows of the lake and swimming alongside the popular paddle swan boat rentals. For a treat, Anna and Kristoff indulge in fresh field greens like kale, spinach and other lettuce leaves that are provided.

Anna currently enjoys attentive 24/7 security to keep her nest from being disrupted by curious visitors.

Once the cygnets hatch they will be kept safe with their parents in a protected area of the lake until they are big enough to safely explore on their own and swim in the lake with the paddle boats.

Westgate guests can rent paddle swan boats located at the Marina next to the Activities Center.