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Busch Gardens at Colonial Williamsburg

Quaint European villages. Spectacular architecture and landscaping. Bald eagles, wolves and Clydesdales. Sesame Street characters like Big Bird and Elmo. Live shows, shopping, dining. And roller coasters. Big, fast, tall, exhilarating roller coasters! It’s all part of the fun and excitement at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Voted the world’s most beautiful theme park every year since 1990, Busch Gardens Williamsburg attractions feature something for the entire family to enjoy. But look beyond all of the lush landscaping and scenic village settings and you’ll find a wide range of exclusive thrill rides, exceptional live shows and music, a series of fun-filled annual events, special animal attractions and much more.

Rides from Tame to Terrifying

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA rides offer excitement for the little ones as well as the older thrill seekers. The younger crowd will love attractions such as Bert and Ernie’s Loch Adventure, Grover’s Alpine Express, Oscar’s Whirly Worms, Land of the Dragons and Elephant Run. They will also enjoy Sesame Street Forest of Fun, Little Gliders and Prince Elmo’s Spire.

Meanwhile, coaster enthusiasts will want to hop on the park's many fast and furious adventures like Alpengeist, Apollo’s Chariot, Griffon, Loch Ness Monster, Mach Tower, Tempesto and Verbolten.

Verbolten® | Busch Gardens® Williamsburg, VA

Verbolten - This multi-launch, indoor/outdoor roller coaster utilizes a German tourist center as the ride entrance and the launching point for an autobahn touring experience. Watch out! An unexpected detour launches riders into the Black Forest, providing a lightning fast, multi-sensory dash through the dark woods that ends with a frightening, 88-foot plunge toward the Rhine River.

Apollo’s Chariot – Like the Olympian sun god, this steel coaster reaches daring heights, then dazzles riders on a fast and smooth track that reigns as one of the mightiest coasters of all.

Griffon – Dare to climb aboard Griffon and challenge yourself to a 205-foot, 90-degree freefall at an exasperating 75 miles per hour! Even those watching from below enjoy this ride which features thrilling vantage points and an exclusive soak zone!

Loch Ness Monster – Like the ancient sea creature that swam beneath the Scottish Loch for generations, this creature remains one of the most popular rides at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. An interlocking, double loop coaster, Loch Ness Monster roars 13 stories high before screaming down a 114-foot drop at speeds up to 60 mph. Don’t forget to smile for the cameras after loop number two!

Mach Tower – Located in Oktoberfest, this towering spire site near Das Festhaus and draws your eyes upward. But climb aboard for the real thrills. The highest ride at Busch Gardens, Mach Tower is 240-feet of thrills and chills, not to mention some truly extraordinary views of the park and surrounding countryside. Enjoy the winding ride to the top before a rush of wind and screams accompany you back to the bottom!

Tempesto – Like the Italian daredevil, Tempesto takes riders racing around turns at 63 mph, and defies gravity while rolling through a complete inversion while 154 feet in the air. Experience three different launch elements.

Official Alpengeist® POV | Busch Gardens® Williamsburg VA

Alpengeist – Experience the ride of a lifetime. German villagers have long told the story of Alpengeist, a legendary snow beast known as the Ghost of the Alps. This Alpengeist is one of the fastest, tallest and wildest floorless roller coasters in the world. Considered one of the top 10 steel coasters in the world, riders will climb 195 feet high before being hurtled through six inversion at speeds up to 67 mph!

While the thrills are amazing at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, so are the live shows. Experience the pure energy of Irish dance and story-telling in Celtic Fyre, enjoy live musicians, singers and dancers plus high-flying acrobats in the musical Roll Out the Barrel or let the kids rock and roll with their favorite Sesame Street characters in Elmo Rocks! Children can dance and sing along with this high energy rock and roll show at the Globe Theatre.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Animal Encounters

The entire family will appreciate and enjoy unique animal encounters at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It’s an exceptional opportunity to connect with amazing animals while developing a greater appreciation for the natural world around us.

Eagle Ridge features some American Bald Eagles that have experienced injuries that left them unable to survive on their own in the wild. Hear their special stories while getting an up close and personal view of these majestic birds of prey.

Highland Stables allows you to explore centuries old Scottish traditions while interacting with blackface sheep and their border collie guardians. Watch and enjoy the demonstrations on herding and hunting methods. And don’t forget to visit the massive Clydesdale horses!

Lorikeet Glen is a fascinating, free-flight aviary where you can make friends with a variety of colorful birds who are happy to swoop down and greet you.

Wolf Haven provides a special animal presentation – The Secret Life of Predators – offering a look at the elusive lives of rats, raptors, wolves and foxes.

Conservation Station features a look at the world of exotic and endangered animals. Enjoy close encounters with animals in their natural habitats while learning the importance of managing their homes in the wild. Animals include: African serval, ball python, bearded dragon, blue and gold macaw, Burmese python, Chilean rose hair tarantula, crested porcupine, Cuban rock iguana, flat rock scorpion, leopard gecko, South American red-footed tortoise, two-toed sloth, yellow rat snake and more.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Hours

Busch Gardens Williamsburg hours vary by season. The park opens daily at 10 am but closes anywhere between 6 pm and 11 pm, depending on the time of year and annual events that may be taking place.

Be sure to check the park schedule prior to visiting Busch Gardens Williamsburg. View our Busch Gardens williamsburg ticket offers

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