Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa Reviews

Westgate Traveler Rating
4.5 out of 5
“Loved the stay at Westgate Lakes”

Shay Farrelly

Westgate Lakes Resort is a timeshare resort in Orlando and part of the Westgate group which has 28 resorts in the USA. You don't need to be an owner to stay here you can exchange from another timeshare or rent days/weeks. Westgate Lakes is a huge resort and still growing, to me it's too big, but Orlando can fill those rooms. But being big has its advantages too, plenty of facilities like a great Fitness centre, pools, bikes for rent, lakes, restaurants, with a bowling alley and larger marketplace coming soon.

Steve Pierre Resort Visitor

Very nice suites and rooms and never have had an issue with accommodations. Not the Ritz Carlton, but definitely spacious and the whirlpool tubs in masters rooms are a nice touch. Just be wary and don't fall for the timeshare hounding and you'll have a nice stay. Very VERY close to the main attractions.

Mickey Bergeron Verified Owner

Wonderful place! Great view, beautiful rooms with quick access to parks, and international drive attractions and restaurants. Rates are fantastic, perfect for a family on a budget but want that true high quality, 5 star look and experience. I had a great time, and I'm sure if you were to go you would have a wonderful time as well.

Molly Rivas Resort Visitor

This was a wonderful experience, the room was very clean and the amenities were beautiful. They even gave us cookies when we checked in, and let us check in at 10 am, rather than 4. The lobby is a bit crowded and hard to get around, and they have limited parking at the lobby and the villas. It was also a little weird that the villas were two separate rooms that were locked in one room; it was okay, just a bit odd. The rates were extremely good, and I plan to stay here each time I visit Orlando.

Yasmin A. Resort Visitor

We were there this past week for 7 days. We were offered to buy once when we checked in, we denied the tour and the breakfast because we are not interested in buying timeshares-period (however if we were we would consider buying here), they directed us to the villa. Amazing stay, no harassing whatsoever. It was very clean, so big and spacious, amazing amenities and all around service. We didn't use shuttle, decided to go on our car. They hold $50 to your account when you check in, it was immediately returned (up to 24 hours) when we checked out. Were already planning our next stay here!

Konstantin Yudayev Verified Owner

Love the location, the rooms, responsive and friendly personel. They even mailed a bag we left behind (and did not notice). The rooms are more like home rather than hotel.

Siomara Acevedo Verified Owner

I own a timeshare at Westgate Lakes. We've stayed there at least once a year since 2000. They've always bent over backwards to accomodate me and my family. We also have traded in and rented the condos. One year, we were there three different times. There's nothing like sitting on your screened balcony, just looking at the BIG lake. you could come here for a week and never have to go to the Parks, there's so much to do right on property. All our experiences have been wonderful.

J Daniels Resort Visitor

My room was a double suite and it was great, I enjoyed the stay but the room service could have been better. The stay was very helpful.

Jimmy Walter Resort Visitor

We recently stayed at 5 different resorts during our trip to the Orlando area (including Disney). And Westgate Lakes was by far the best. Although the child areas at the pool leave something to be desired, everything else was wonderful. The people were friendly, the rooms very clean, and even though we had to pay a small resort fee, we got unlimited use of their mini golf, bike rentals, and even got a discount on a boat rental. We got a very good deal on hotwire for the place, and I would recommend this resort to anyone, especially someone with a family of young ones.

Sara Marshall Resort Visitor

Before We Went: I was really dreading staying at this place after reading some negative reviews. We tried to cancel but since we booked this through Allegiant Air we couldn't make changes without canceling our flights and everything. Thus, we went into it with dread, expecting a crappy experience. My husband called a couple of days in advance requesting that we get one of the newer, nicer rooms.First Impression: We arrived late at night with our 2 young children. It was a little chaotic trying to figure out where to go because the place is under construction. However, once we made it to registration it seemed like a really nice place. My husband brought it to the desk clerk's attention that we would like a newer room and he made sure to give us one. A very friendly, knowledgeable bell hop took us to our building. The place is huge, so you have to get everywhere using shuttles or sometimes golf carts.