Does Westgate Town Center have a water park?

Greg Nelson Orlando, Westgate Resorts

Westgate Town Center Resort currently offers 14 heated swimming pools. And an all-new water park facility is coming soon - slated to open this summer! Get ready for a new aquatic adventure as construction is already under way on the eagerly anticipated water park at Westgate Town Center Resort near Orlando.

The water park will be one of the biggest new amenities at the resort and is sure to be a huge hit for guests of all ages.

Westgate Town Center Water Park

The multi-level water park facility will feature a lazy river, a fun-filled pirate ship, swimming pools, water slides and tube water slides, fountains, and more. There will also be a spacious sun deck for tanning and a pool bar for food and refreshments. No completion date has been announced, but the water park is expected to open sometime during summer 2015. Stay tuned for additional updates and details.