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Top 5 Attractions in New Fantasyland at Disney's Magic Kingdom

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While work is still ongoing inside Disney’s new, expanded Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom, there are a number of rides and attractions already open. There’s no reason to wait to visit this exceptional new area, the largest such expansion in the history of Disney World. When complete, the area will have more than doubled in size from 10 to 21 acres. With more still to come, here are the top 5 attractions in new Fantasyland that you won't want to miss on your next trip to Disney World. edoo five

Don't miss these Top 5 attractions in new Fantasyland!

1 Under the Sea — Journey of the Little Mermaid

Get ready to head “under the sea” for a musical adventure ride featuring scenes from Disney’s animated classic, The Little Mermaid. A scenic queue winds through an underground cavern at low tide until you enter Prince Eric’s castle and climb aboard a colorful clamshell. Glide along and enjoy memorable songs, Ariel’s gadget-filled grotto and other scenes while encountering Ursula the evil sea witch as well as your favorite characters – Ariel, Eric, Sebastian, Flounder, Scuttle, King Triton and more. After the ride, be sure to visit Ariel’s Grotto for a special meet & greet with the beautiful mermaid princess!

2 Enchanted Tales with Belle

The tale of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast comes to life from the moment you walk up to the quaint little cottage that belongs to Belle’s father, Maurice. The queue line takes you through the cottage. Once inside the main room, you’ll be asked to volunteer to participate in a delightful storytelling experience. Be sure to volunteer – you’ll be turned into an enchanted object or maybe even to portray the role of the Beast. Ultimately, you’ll enjoy an opportunity to get your picture taken with Belle at the end of the performance!

3 Be Our Guest Restaurant

Fantasyland guests can curb their hunger with French cuisine beneath the Beast’s Castle. The new Be Our Guest restaurant offers a quick serve lunch with no reservation required. However, reservations are needed for dinner. The restaurant is also the first location in Magic Kingdom to serve wine and beer with meals.

You can enjoy a culinary cabaret inside one of three elaborately themed rooms taken right out of the Beauty & the Beast movie – the West Wing, Belle’s book-filled library, or the grand two-story ballroom. Catch a glimpse of the enchanted rose inside the West Wing or simply enjoy the floor to ceiling arched windows, sweeping murals and incredible Gothic arches and mosaics throughout.

4 Gaston's Statue/Fountain

Gaston is truly a man that seems larger than life and his tribute statue inside Fantasyland meets expectations. Located in Belle’s Village and sitting in the middle of a round fountain, the huge bronze statue also features his sidekick LeFou. An accompanying plaque reads: “Tribute to Gaston. An extravagantly generous gift to the humble people of my village. From me, Gaston.”

Right behind the statue, you’ll find Gaston’s Tavern. Despite the name, the themed eatery does not serve alcohol. The rustic décor filled with antlers makes guests think they stepped right into Gaston’s hunting man cave. A popular item on the menu is LeFou’s Brew. It looks like a beer, but with no alcohol. The no sugar added concoction is really a frozen apple juice flavored with marshmallow and topped with a creamy, passion fruit froth. It can also be served in a plastic souvenir stein with Gaston’s picture on the side.

5 Dumbo the Flying Elephant

One of the first attractions to appear in the new Fantasyland, the iconic Dumbo ride was moved from Mickey’s Toontown Fair and doubled in size! Now with two carousels, flying side-by-side in opposite directions, the ride is the centerpiece of a new Storybook Circus area. With two identical rides, the Dumbo wait time is reduced and a new interactive (and air conditioned) indoor play tent queue area offers an opportunity for kids to play while waiting their turn. There are also new colorful water and lighting features that will catch your eye.

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