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How Vacation Ownership Works

Timeshare is an investment in your family's future enjoyment. In short, by purchasing timeshare, you are pre-paying for your future vacations at today's prices. You are guaranteeing a lifetime of vacations in luxurious and spacious resort villa accommodations and you'll never again have to rent a cramped, boring hotel room.

As a buyer of a vacation ownership plan, you are purchasing a share or a fractional piece of a luxury resort property. More importantly, you are buying a piece of deeded real estate that allows you to vacation with your family every year. You can enjoy a familiar place like your home resort, or you can explore a new destination virtually anywhere in the world.

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What is a Timeshare?


As a timeshare buyer with Westgate Resorts, you'll have a timeshare contract that outlines your annual vacation plan, typically spread out in one-week intervals. You choose the destination - from Orlando, Gatlinburg and Las Vegas to Myrtle Beach, Park City, Williamsburg and more - and choose your preferred resort property. You can also choose the time of year you prefer to vacation, as well as the unit size (studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, etc.). Purchase price fees will vary based on those timeshare interests - location, unit size, high-demand times such as holidays, and resort amenities.


Guaranteed Vacations

Timeshare ownership with Westgate Resorts means your vacations are automatically locked in – every single year. You can relax knowing that you’ll be creating lifelong memories with your family and that your accommodations will always include a fun-filled resort property filled with luxuries and exclusive amenities. You’ll never have to worry about finding a great to place vacation or trying to squeeze everybody into a cramped, standard hotel room.

Home Away from Home

No matter where you purchase, your home resort is a true home away from home. Spacious, luxurious villas offer room for the entire family. You'll enjoy living areas with leather furniture and large screen TVs, plus separate dining and sleeping spaces. Enjoy your own privacy with separate bedrooms while the kids have their own space. Relax on a private balcony. You can even save money thanks to a fully-equipped kitchen. Westgate timeshare properties have everything you need.

Deeded Ownership

As a buyer of timeshare property, you enjoy deeded ownership in the property. You'll own your vacations - rather than simply renting a hotel. As a result, you'll have a lifetime of high quality getaways locked in so you can save long-term without worrying about rising accommodations prices. You'll guarantee amazing vacation experiences with your family, year after year. And with deeded ownership, those trips can be passed on to your heirs, creating an ongoing legacy of fun-filled getaways at Westgate.

Timeshare Use Periods

Timesharing allows you complete flexibility as to when you want to take your vacations. You decide what week you want to use your vacation home and that week will be reserved for you every year unless you choose to change it. And while timeshare usage is typically in one-week increments, you can purchase additional weeks at other times throughout the year.

Timeshare Specials

There's no better time to see how timeshare can work for you and how you can start creating a lifetime of memories with fantastic vacations at Westgate Resorts. Check out our many available timeshare vacation specials and discount packages.

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Timeshare vs Hotel


Westgate Resorts are located in the nation's most popular destinations. We'll put you on the doorstep to Walt Disney World, on the beach, or even in the mountains. But wherever you stay, you'll experience spacious luxury and all the comforts of home. Enjoy large living spaces with leather furniture and large screen TVs. You'll appreciate separate living, dining and sleeping areas, private bedrooms, private balconies or patios, washer & dryer, and even a fully-equipped kitchen. There are also exclusive resort amenities that will keep you saying, "WOW" including (varies by location): multiple tropical swimming pools, onsite water parks, miniature golf, ski-in/ski-out accommodations with ski valet service, kayaks and paddle boats, fitness centers, world class spas, onsite dining and shopping, schedule activities, Kid's Clubs, tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, bicycles and more.


Even the best standard hotels can't really compare to the luxury living associated with a Westgate Resorts property. Families are required to cram into small hotel rooms. Mom, dad and kids all sleep in one room with no privacy and without a kitchen or dining area, even a pizza has to be eaten around a tiny table or while sitting on the beds. Beyond a small swimming pool, most hotels also won't offer much in the way of special amenities or activities.

Types of Timeshare

Westgate timeshare properties provide you with the memories of a lifetime! You simply choose the type of timeshare resort that fits your family's ideal getaway. Picture yourself in sunny Orlando, Florida where you’ll stay on the doorstep to Disney World and be close to many other world class theme parks and attractions in central Florida. If you prefer the surf, sun and sand, Westgate has properties on a variety of beachfront locations including the surfing paradise of Cocoa Beach, eclectic South Beach in Miami, and family-friendly Myrtle Beach.

Looking for a mountain of fun? Explore the extraordinary Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and the quaint mountain village of Gatlinburg. Or try our ski-in/ski-out accommodations in beautiful Park City, UT – home to the famed Sundance Film Festival and where you’ll find the “greatest snow on earth.” Or perhaps you’d like to try your luck at casino gaming in the exciting city that never sleeps – Las Vegas! For history buffs, you can explore Colonial Williamsburg – the birthplace of America.

Frequently Asked Questions

Timeshare is the ideal way to create magical family memories and guarantee vacations for a lifetime. And when you become a timeshare owner, your vacation choices become virtually limitless. Imagine having the option to choose different destinations, resorts and times of the year. Thanks to special exchange programs, you can explore the world, or simply enjoy the same favorite and familiar property again and again.

Timeshare costs vary and prices differ based on your purchase location, size of the unit selected, resort amenities, time of the year, and other factors. In addition to the purchase price, you will pay an annual maintenance fee to cover the costs of upkeep and running the resort, as well as a percentage of the annual real estate property taxes.

Yes, you can bring friends and family members to join in the fun. Better yet, you can also take advantage of Westgate Resorts' award-winning referral program. Then, if those friends or family members want to share in the timeshare ownership experience, you can earn cash rewards!

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